Welcome to the Agile Mentors Community from Mountain Goat Software

Mentor. Be Mentored.

The Agile Mentors Community is a place for agile practitioners from around the world to collaborate in a safe, experiential learning space.

In this private community, you will find lively discussions around a variety of agile topics such as agile leadership, user stories & the product backlog, transitioning to agile and more!

Our community members say some of the benefits about this community are continual learning, guided healthy debates and contributing to the evolution of agile practices.

Community members also have access to pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Mike Cohn, his Weekly Tips archive as well as live events by leading agile practitioners.

The only way to access this private community is by signing up for our Better User Stories video training course, which available now at www.betteruserstories.com. But hurry - the course is only available until March 21.

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