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  • Discover the latest tools and resources people are using to succeed with agile
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There will always be agile challenges...

Agile might be worth it but the truth is, making it work is hard.

You know being agile means higher productivity, faster time to market, and better quality products. And you know that this makes it much easier to feel engaged and satisfied with your work.

But while the results are worthwhile, putting agile into practice isn't easy.

It doesn't matter whether you're new or have years of experience there are plenty of 'real-world' problems you'll face in your agile journey...

How many of these have you experienced?

  • Problems getting started: You've decided to make the leap but how do you embrace agile when people won't let go of old ways of working? How do you break through the problem of "We've always done it this way..."
  • Fighting the executive level: Demanding stakeholders, unrealistic expectations, senior leadership that thinks change is for teams (not them)... Management issues are unfortunately common and can cause a lot of stress for you and your team.
  • Changing the culture: Do you have an organisation that says it's agile but you know better? Getting the whole organisation aligned so you can actually BE agile can feel like an impossible task.
  • Where do you go next? If you're further along your journey you might now be wondering how to scale agile, manage multiple teams, or cope with the complexity of globally distributed team members.

Now you have an advantage...

The Agile Mentors Community

With more than 2,000 members from more than 25 countries (and counting), the Agile Mentors Community is a place for agile practitioners to collaborate in a safe, experiential learning space.

Laptop - Mentor. Be Mentored.

Corey King - Charter AMC Member

On AMC, we are uncovering better ways of developing the Agile community by engaging and being engaged

Why do people join?

"It's the amount of knowledge and willingness to share"

Stop struggling, get inspired

The AMC is a lively and respectful community where you can discuss problems and find solutions. Within the forums new threads are started every day on topics from transitioning to agile through to agile leadership.

Post a question and get quick, insightful interactions or simply browse through the topics for inspiration of new things to try.

And don't forget to shape the community by sharing your own experience and advice - we want to hear from you!

Sharpen your skills, increase your professional value

You get more than just a discussion forum when you join. As a member you get access to the private monthly group Q&A call with Mike Cohn where you can get advice specific to your situation (see below for more details).

You also unlock a vault of valuable learning resources. From interviews with experts (including Roman Pichler, Jeff Patton, and Lynn Winterboer), to the entire archive of Mike's Weekly tips (Exclusive to AMC members).

Be part of an advancing agile community

This is a chance to join some of the sharpest minds in the agile community. AMC members are passionate and embrace a continual learning mindset. It's not just a place to find support and new ideas, it's also a way for you to feel connected to like-minded people.

The AMC is YOUR community.

Gary Smith

"What you are likely to find in this community is someone who is or has gone through what... you are currently facing in your journey."

Included when you join

Private discussion area icon

Private discussion area

Q&A with transcripts icon

Q&A with transcripts

Weekly tips archive icon

Weekly Tips archive

Access to agile courses icon

Access to 2 agile courses

Bonus interviews with agile experts icon

Bonus interviews with agile experts


"I come back A LOT because AMC makes the Agile community feel more intimate, personal."

- Corey King

Eva Dice

AMC conversations have already contributed several ideas to help me improve things for my teams and myself. I can’t wait to see how much more I learn from this community.

Jen Lange

I can come to AMC and know that I can safely ask questions and get constructive and helpful responses.

Who is it for?

This is a community for you if you want to sharpen your skills, overcome problems, or just find the best way to get started with agile. We have members from countries around the world including the US, UK, Denmark, Estonia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Macedonia, New Zealand, Switzerland, The Netherlands and many, many more! they include beginners and experienced agilists. The personality of the group is pretty much what you see on Mike Cohn's website: practical, respectful, fun, and humorous. If that sounds like you, we'd love to have you as a member.

World with different types of agile users

Meet the agile experts waiting to welcome you

Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn - Founder (and community member)

The Agile Mentors Community was founded by Mike Cohn. As one of the world's more sought-after and well-respected scrum trainers he's been promoting a practical approach to implementing agile for over twenty years.

While we can't guarantee that Mike will be there to answer your questions personally, he hosts many of the Q&A calls and is regularly seen in the community discussions.

"The Agile Mentors Community is my preferred place for getting and giving agile advice.”

Stacey Ackerman - Community Moderator

Stacey Ackerman is your moderator, and guides weekly discussions in the forum every Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes they are open discussions, other times they are opportunities to practice techniques taught through case studies. She also hosts some of the Q&A sessions.

Stacey is a Scrum Master, agile coach, speaker, trainer, and writer. She's the mom of three kids and she's passionate about agile outside of software.

"Anything related to agile in education or marketing really lights me up!"

Stacey Ackerman

Look inside The Agile Mentors Community...

Your AMC Dashboard - one simple place to access everything

Once you join you can login to your dashboard where you'll find a recorded welcome message from Mike telling you a bit more about the community.

From here you can access everything in your membership including:
  • 2 Agile Courses
  • The Weekly Tip Archive
  • All Q&A video sessions (including previous recordings with transcripts)
  • The Community Discussion Area
AMC Dashboard on desktop computer

Visit the community discussion area (It's lively, respectful, and always open)

The best online communities are ones where members begin discussion. Our online format is open 24/7 for you to ask any agile questions, reply to someone else's question or propose a moderated discussion topic.

What we believe:

We are agile-agnostic - we believe that there is no "right" method to practice agile.

We believe agile practices will evolve and we will evolve our discussions as well.

We believe in safe experimentation.

What we discuss:

Anything agile! Members share advice on running great retrospectives, managing the product backlog, whether we should stop estimating, handling cultural differences in global teams, coaching product owners and much, much more.

What will you add to the conversation?

browser window showing community With more than 3,000 posts on 350 topics it's easy to search and find answers to common agile problems.

Topics include:

  • Agile leadership
  • Transitioning to agile
  • User stories
  • The product backlog
  • Estimating & planning
  • Scaling
  • Agile Roles
  • Agile (everything else)

Stay updated with the latest agile resources

What are people using?

Discover the techniques, software, and tools that members are using to succeed with agile. Get ideas about which ones could work for you.

What are the best sources for learning?

Members share articles, podcasts, interviews, and videos they watch to find out what's happening with agile today and into the future.

What are members reading?

Join the book club and each month you'll be able to participate in a guided group discussion.

browser window showing book club Join the book club and study a monthly book with other members

Join the popular Q&A Video Sessions (with indexed transcripts and audio)

example question on laptop

We've worked hard to make sure that the Q&A sessions are easy to join, and valuable when you do.

Once a month (sometimes more) Mike answers your agile questions.

It's a great place to find inspiration and ideas from other questions, and because each call comes with the recording, audio and indexed transcript you can listen on the go or simply review the transcript to find answers relevant to you.

  • Post your question in advance of the session in the Q&A area
  • Watch the session live
  • If you can't make the live show, you can:
    • Watch the recording later
    • Download the audio
    • Review the transcript (indexed by question so it's easy to find your answer)
  • Sessions often last an hour and we fit in a lot of questions
Transcript example

Unlock The Weekly Tips Archive

example tips The AMC is the only place you can access the entire archive of Mike's weekly tips

The Agile Mentors Community is the only place you can access all of Mike's archived weekly tips.

With more than 125 (and counting) succinct, practical, agile tips, it's easy to browse and find tips perfect for your situation.


Watch bonus interviews with agile experts

Improving Product Management Practices

Roman Pichler is a product management expert specialising in digital products. He helps companies improve their product management function and is the author of the books Strategize and Agile Product Management with Scrum.

What you'll learn in this interview

What makes a compelling vision for a product and how to get your team to 'own' and be inspired by this vision.

How to evaluate strategies for realizing the product vision.

Why some companies rush into product details at the risk of making wrong decisions

How to use a Product Vision Board to get a clear understanding of a product and its influence on the wider business goals

When you should segment your audience needs to deliver the best value

Roman Pichler Roman Pichler
Lynn Winterboer Lynn Winterboer

Big Data, Analytics, and Data Warehousing

Lynn coaches teams to effectively apply agile principles and practices to their work, primarily serving the data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics communities.

What you'll learn in this interview

How long should sprints be and whether it's impossible to deliver something in the data warehouse in two, three, or four weeks.

How to deal with data architecture.

Handling data profiling.

Best practices for teams moving from a silo-ed data warehouse to a data lake model.

Plus splitting stories, determining what brings value, and whether there should be back end items in the backbone.

Successful Story Mapping

Jeff Patton is a veteran product manager, agile, lean, UX and product design evangelist. He has authored numerous articles, essays, and the book “User Story Mapping.” He is an independent consultant with a unique teaching and speaking style.

What you'll learn in this interview

Whether you should use story maps for customers, end users, or both.

How to introduce a story mapping exercise to brand new stakeholders.

Handling events that can happen in random order and whether story maps can represent this.

Why you should be measuring outcome instead of output.

Jeff Patton Jeff Patton

And more...

As an AMC member you get access to all future expert interviews

Further your learning with 2 agile courses

Scrum Foundations

The Scrum Foundations Course

The Scrum Foundations course is an ideal introduction to scrum. In these 19 short lessons you're introduced to key elements including:

  • Scrum as a framework
  • The five values of scrum
  • Three easy ways to apply the scrum values to your team
  • The roles in scrum
  • Getting started with sprint planning
  • Building a potentially releasable product increment
  • Product backlog refinement
  • And more

Let Go of Knowing

Let Go of Knowing

This short course includes 14 succinct lessons that show you how biases may be preventing you from questioning your assumptions and why being open to new ideas is hard but vital.

You'll understand why you feel certain about some aspects of agile (less so about other) and you'll discover how to 'Let Go of Knowing' and open yourself to learning, which is the heart of agile.

The Agile Mentors Community is more than an online community

It’s THE place to be if you want to succeed with agile

  • Private community discussion area
  • Join over 2,000 agilists around the world
  • Weekly tips archive
  • Library of all previous Q&A sessions
  • Monthly Q&A session with Mike Cohn
  • Interviews with agile experts
  • 2 short video courses: Let Go of Knowing and Scrum Foundations
  • No minimum term


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum commitment?
  • There is no minimum commitment. you can cancel at any time (though we hope you love it so much you'll want to stay).
  • Will I get coaching directly from Mike?
  • Mike isn't able to provide 1:1 coaching for members but this is the best place to get your agile questions answered. You have an entire community to call upon when you have challenges. You can post a question in the Q&A sessions and have Mike or another agile expert provide an answer specific to your situation.